Altaire is a wonderful clinician. I am so happy to be able to work with her. She has warm welcoming energy and is so knowledgeable in her field of work. Every visit she checks in to see how I am. She listens and genuinely cares about my well being. She made me amazing concoctions for my mental/physical/emotional/ and spiritual body. Within a week I started seeing results in all aspects I was concerned about. She is an incredible teacher and healer and I would highly recommend her if you’re needing some healing in your life!
Altaire is a complete joy to work with! She’s thorough, great to talk to, and truly listens to all of your needs and concerns. She takes the time to come up with an affordable and easy herbal protocol that works with your lifestyle. I would highly recommend Altaire to anyone searching for a holistic approach to health and wellness!
Altaire is truly gifted in her channeling abilities. At the time I had been feeling as if I was not in my own skin. From overseas, Altaire was able to connect with my spirit guide. She came to me with detailed descriptions of her experience. Most of her visions resonated with me deeply, and shortly after I experienced a number of meaningful events that correlated with her descriptions. Since then, I have been feeling closer with myself and have deeper acceptance of my healing process. Altaire is undoubtedly a powerful, comforting and connected healer. Thank you for your guidance.
Altaire is an intuitive channel like none other that I’ve spoken with. Her clarity with imagery and insight, as it pertains to me as a unique individual, is astounding. Not to mention, she also offers body-centered wisdom and healing tips, from her perspective as an herbalist, along with the spirit reading.
I came to Altaire on Nov 18 2018, with a chronic sleep imbalance that had been with me for years. Instead of recommending herbs, as I expected, she gently asked some very wise questions. We just talked! In the next few weeks, I began to understand all the ways I had trained my mind, body, and personal energy, to meet the demands of my previous career. This took the most time and effort. Soon, I realized the plain truth: I was still sleeping like I had a high stress job. Using only her skill in compassionate conversation, Altaire guided me to a brilliant realization about my life: That high stress garbage just wasn’t in it anymore. And I do not have sleep on a schedule set by others. Now, I sleep because I like it. Altaire- ‘Sam, its OK to just roll over, and go back to sleep.’ So true!
Altaire is a clear bell and a gifted intuitive. The messages she channels are buoyant, loving, sweet and full of hope. She has an additional gift of being well spoken and therefore the imagery she is able to capture and share is stunning. I loved sitting with her and watching her work! I felt grounded and inspired and infused with hope for the future after she channeled for me. I would highly recommend that you schedule a session with her and experience her magic for yourself!
I felt so taken care of by Altaire. I think the tea was very beneficial to my healing process after having my hip replacement. I drank all of the tea. Every day, I had two cups. It made me feel peaceful and more at ease in my body. I think it was helping to reduce the inflammation. It was the feeling of being soothed from the inside of me. 

Thank you so very much for your work. I really appreciate it.