The soul’s journey, which spans countless incarnations, can provide profound insight into our soul purpose and health concerns in this lifetime. Having studied under Dr. Linda Backman at the Ravenheart Center, Altaire is trained in leading clients through witnessing past lives, which can uncover deeper layers of health and healing. She supports clients in integrating their experiences to provide meaningful awareness of how their past life is relevant to their life today.


Past life insights can expand your insight in life today about your relationships, life choices and health issues, revealing fears that can be released and patterns that can be broken.


Experiencing past lives can expand perspectives on the after-life and deepen spiritual awareness, answering one of humanity's most burning questions: "What is the meaning of life?"


It is not uncommon for individuals to experience past-lives on other planets, in other galaxies, perhaps where life forms and cultural values are quite different from Earth - therefore exposing possibilities of a universe rich with diversity.