What Can You Expect During a Past Life Regression?

Altaire guides her clients into a light trance/meditative state, where she then directs them through various scenes of a past life of importance, which they are lucidly experiencing themselves. The past life details may include people or events of significance that are, in some way, continuing to affect their present life today. It is a tool to help unlock karmic cycles and provide insights into what patterns, behaviors or beliefs in this lifetime can be traced to previous lifetimes, in order that they can be released and healed.


The soul’s journey, which spans countless incarnations, can provide profound insight into our soul purpose and health concerns in this lifetime. Having studied under Dr. Linda Backman at the Ravenheart Center, Altaire is trained in leading clients through witnessing past lives, which can uncover deeper layers of health and healing. She supports clients in integrating their experiences to provide meaningful awareness of how their past life is relevant to their life today.


Past life insights can expand your insight in life today about your relationships, life choices and health issues, revealing fears that can be released and patterns that can be broken.


Experiencing past lives can expand perspectives on the after-life and deepen spiritual awareness, answering one of humanity's most burning questions: "What is the meaning of life?"


It is not uncommon for individuals to experience past-lives on other planets, in other galaxies, perhaps where life forms and cultural values are quite different from Earth - therefore exposing possibilities of a universe rich with diversity.


Altaire is a wonderful clinician. I am so happy to be able to work with her. She has warm welcoming energy and is so knowledgeable in her field of work. Every visit she checks in to see how I am. She listens and genuinely cares about my well being. She made me amazing concoctions for my mental/physical/emotional/ and spiritual body. Within a week I started seeing results in all aspects I was concerned about. She is an incredible teacher and healer and I would highly recommend her if you’re needing some healing in your life! I also did a Past Life Regression with Altaire and it was such an incredible experience. Before we went into it, I told her I was feeling a block around my heart center and wasn’t sure why. We began our session and it was almost parallel to this life in detail and we discovered why I was feeling so blocked. After the session my blocked center subsided. During the session we discovered I was in Germany around the 1400’s and I died of a plague. After the session we did some fact-checking and discovered that the plague hit Germany in 1462-1465! We also found that I did some night-foraging in the woods and was always terrified of being caught by authority, and in our research we found that “night watch” in Germany was very popular and you can still visit some cities and go on a tourist “night watch” with them. I don’t know what’s more incredible, the facts we checked or the parallel details of my current life and that past life! It was such a wonderful experience and I hope I can do it again with her soon. I highly recommend doing a Past Life Regression with Altaire!
— Lexy, Boulder, CO
My past life regression session with Altaire was truly transformational. I had recently seen a shaman to support my ability to connect with my guides. In my session with Altaire I was able to bridge the gap from what I learned from the shaman and what I know from my higher self. With Altaire’s gentle and comforting voice I was able to easily channel my higher self and my guides in a magical, relaxing, and intentional way. We called upon my guides and set intentions for the session. I was able to experience scenes from my past life with clarity and grace. Altaire was able to help me understand how to transition through the experience in a way that best served the intention that was set. I was so relaxed and open in her presence and felt comfortable the entire session. As I channeled past life experiences, Altaire took thorough notes and recorded the session. She helped me to integrate what I experienced so that I could move forward in this lifetime with positivity and deeper understanding. Altaire facilitated a beautiful breakthrough for me, for which I’m extremely grateful.
— Samantha, Boulder, CO
Altaire, you are such a natural guide in every sense of the word. The dimensionality that your soul is able to reach into was so reassuring in our work together and it allowed me to fully trust you in the unfolding of our session together. I was brought to such an original place within the territory of my soul through our regression work. It enabled me to feel my power and the true nature of my souls journey! How vast and well-lived we are! I encountered myself as an ancient being, retrieved aspects of my story and felt a sense of belonging to something much bigger. Your angelic voice and cosmic confidence throughout the journey allowed me to go deep and surrender to the truth of what I was seeing. Thank you so much for the work you do. I see now why soul regression work is such an important part of our journey here in this lifetime and I look forward to many more explorations with you! Blessings, beautiful light being!
— Noura, Boulder, CO
My past life regression with Altaire was illuminating. I was struggling to step into my full potential. I could feel there was something hindering me that I didn’t have access to. After witnessing a past life under the guidance of Altaire, I was able to make peace. I was able to speak with my spirit guides on how events in my past life continued to affect me in my current life, and successfully release the trauma. I feel more empowered through understanding. Thank you so much for your service.
— Beth, Eugene, CO