What i love more than anything…

…is providing people with nature-based & Spiritual guidance for radically ENHANCING their lives


Services Offered


client sessions

We can meet one on one, and together we will explore solutions from herbalism and nutritional science, including any complementary therapies such as Bach Flower Remedies, Spirit Channeling and Past Life Soul Regression, as appropriate, to support the body into balance, addressing the root causes of illness.


Past Life Soul Regression

The soul’s journey, which spans countless incarnations, can provide profound insight into our soul purpose and health concerns in this lifetime. Having studied under Dr. Linda Backman at the Ravenheart Center, I am trained in leading clients through witnessing past lives, which can uncover deeper layers of health and healing.


Teaching & Speaking

I am passionate about teaching people about the medicinal and cultural value of plants, in addition to coaching students through courses that help them engage with their health, naturally. Visit Vital Awakening Academy to explore my online courses. I also speak at conferences, businesses, and retreats.