Herbalist, Nutritionist, Ethnobotanist

Altaire Cambata, MSc., is an Herbalist and Plant Medicine Researcher, Speaker and Educator with a background of over a decade exploring the intersection of people, plants and the planet. She serves her clients’ health with an intelligent combination of cutting-edge medical science and the time-tested benefits of the plant kingdom to address the root causes of imbalance in the body. She sees clients individually and also leads small groups in health and wellness training, and is a talented speaker and educator on the cultural and medicinal value of plants.

Altaire is trained in the Vitalist healing tradition from the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalistm, which embraces all aspects of diet and lifestyle as primary therapies, where recommendations are tailored to each individual’s unique physiology and environment.

Nature's Intrinsic Intelligence

By creating the proper conditions for nature to resolve imbalance, we support the innate, organized ability of the body to sustain, grow and repair.

Clearing Obstacles to Wellbeing

From reconfiguring neural pathways to identifying depleting foods, we can shift our entire experience by releasing old patterns and discovering new genetic expression.

Connecting with Natural Medicine

We will connect with natural medicine in the form of flowers, roots, mushrooms, seaweeds, resins and other potent plant allies, for your unique healing journey.