Altaire is dedicated to supporting individuals to realize their full vitality, utilizing the wisdom of plant medicine.


Altaire believes strongly in the miraculous unfolding that occurs in our life path, our families, our communities and the world at large when we choose a path of conscious wellbeing.

As an herbalist her goal is to elevate her clients’ physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health so that their vitality may radiate into all of their endeavors, allowing each individual to connect more fluidly with their unique passions and potential. Altaire believes that by finding flow in our bodies we can uncover effortless alignment in our relationships, our work and our explorations of ourselves. her goal is to unlock her clients’ innate vibrancy while introducing them to the wonders of the natural world, while conserving medicinal plant knowledge from around the world from the threats of climate change and globalization.

Stress and nervous-system related disorders
Gut health and microbiome ecology
Energy and mood
Cognitive function and mental clarity
Achieving “flow” states

Altaire has a B.A in Anthropology and an MSc. in Climate Change and International Development, with a focus on ethnobotany and global sustainability. Altaire cultivated a rich career working in the non-profit sector on issues of climate change and international development for institutions such as The United Nations and The World Wildlife Fund. Although she loved the content and scope of her work, she noticed how the unique stressors of modern living and the exhausting nature of professional and social environments took a serious toll on the ability of individuals to thrive. It was then she realized that inner vitality is a direct link to the vitality of everything we do and experience, allowing us to take our passions and pursuits to entirely new levels.

Altaire takes every opportunity to study ethnobotanical knowledge from around the world, building a global repertoire of nature-based wisdom from which to draw inspiration, fully surrendering to the life-long learning that comes with befriending the plant kingdom. She is a Certified Ho’oponopono Practitioner —an ancient Hawaiian method of conflict resolution based on using one’s own energy to solve problems rather than relying on the energy of others. She is also currently training in Past Life Regression Methodologies to help guide individuals through their soul journey.

She is the Founder/Formulator for her company:

After a Star:
Mysts for Body & Spirit
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Altaire is currently seeing clients as a Student Clinician at the Colorado School of Clinical Herbalism in Boulder. To schedule an In-Person or Skype intake, please email Altaire.Cambata@ClinicalHerbalism.com
**Sliding scale payment plans available for those in need