Altaire elevateS her clients’ physical, mental and EMOTIONAL WELLBEING WITH THE POWER OF PLANT MEDICINE.

She is a Certified Clinical Herbalist, Nutritionist and Plant Medicine Educator with 910 hours of training in nutrition, herbalism, physiology, and related topics. She serves her clients’ health with an intelligent combination of cutting-edge medical science and time-tested plant knowledge to address the root causes of physical imbalance. She considers all aspects of lifestyle to be crucial components for understanding health, and highly values the practitioner-client relationship as one of compassion and depth. Altaire takes every opportunity to study ethnobotanical knowledge from around the world, building a global repertoire of nature-based wisdom from which to draw inspiration, fully surrendering to the life-long learning that comes with befriending the plant kingdom.


Altaire’s herbal wellness journey has included naturally reversing chronic nervous system depletion, deeply internalized trauma, chronic malabsorption, intestinal parasitic infections, chronic fatigue, bloating and anxiety.

Altaire has a B.A in Anthropology from the University of Virginia and an MSc. in Climate Change and International Development from The Institute of Development Studies, with a research focus on ethnobotany, indigenous cosmology and and global sustainability. Altaire cultivated an international career working in the non-profit sector on issues of climate change and international development for institutions such as The United Nations, UNESCO, National Geographic News Watch and The World Wildlife Fund UK. After studying traditional ecological knowledge from the vantage points of both academic and NGO spheres, she felt increasingly drawn to practicing plant medicine herself. It was when she recognized inner vitality as a direct link to the vitality of the planet that she began to study the healing arts in earnest, developing a sophisticated understanding of Western Herbalism and the Vitalist tradition, at the Colorado School for Clinical Herbalism. She has lived in the Colorado desert south-west, London, UK, Bali, Indonesia, Lugano, Switzerland, and is currently based in Boulder, CO.

Altaire is a passionate contributor to the UN Mountain Partnership, promoting mountain sustainability around the world, and serves as a Board Member for the Aspen International Mountain Foundation.

Statement of informed disclosURE

I am a Clinical herbalist with 910 hours of training in nutrition, herbalism, physiology, and related topics. I cannot provide a conventional medical disease diagnosis or treatment. I am not licensed in any capacity by the State of Colorado, and my services do not replace those of a licensed physician. I advise all clients to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider. My consultations are designed to educate the client on the beneficial effects of nutrition, diet, supplements, herbs, and lifestyle changes. Clients are encouraged to take responsibility for their own health. Any herb has the potential to cause an adverse effect. If adverse effects or discomfort occur, stop taking the herb/s immediately and notify me. Some herbs may interact with pharmaceuticals. I am trained in drug-herb interactions. It is important to disclose all medications you are taking (including over-the-counter or recreational drugs), and that you discuss possible interactions with your prescribing healthcare provider. I may provide you with professional information about possible side effects of your medications. This does not constitute a recommendation to stop taking them. If you have concerns about side effects, please discuss them with your prescribing healthcare provider. Colorado State law specifically prohibits herbalists from dispensing a medical protocol (herbs or supplements) to a pregnant client or a client diagnosed with cancer. We can provide such clients with supportive education concerning herbal safety, nutritional and vitalist lifestyle practices. Any information discussed during our sessions is held in strictest confidence. Exceptions, as required by law: impending suicide, homicide, child abuse.