Flower Essence Therapy

Dr. Edward Bach, creator of Bach Flower remedies, described the energetic medicine of flower essences as “…beautiful music or any glorious uplifting thing which gives us inspiration, to raise our very natures, and bring us nearer to our souls and by that very act to bring us peace and relieve our sufferings.”

Flower essences are a gentle, energetic medicine similar to homeopathy in that the final solution is significantly diluted. This medicine is safe for children, pregnant women and pets, causing significant shifts in both emotional and physical wellbeing. From a spectrum of hundreds of remedies, we will work together to find the matches suitable for your particular goals and concerns.

Flower essences are a powerful took to address the following:


Flower essences gently flood our energetic fields with higher vibrations, allowing us to release stuck, negative emotions that no longer serve us, opening our lives to new possibilities.


Physical imbalances can originate in the emotional body. Flower essences can allow us to address the root cause of recurring physical ailments.


Chronic stress and trauma can hold us back from reaching our highest potential. Flower essences are a tool to address mental tension, irritability, exhaustion, impatience, and mental and physical trauma.