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HIGHER SELF MYST is formulated for spiritual clearing, opening the higher channels while strengthening personal boundaries. This Myst shines as a complement to meditation, yoga, prayer or any time you are engaged with sacred or spiritual practices. 

All After a Star Mysts are formulated with carefully selected essential oils, flower essences and gem essences to elevate your space with the high-vibrational elemental wisdom of our plant and gemstone allies. Spray your body, pillow, room, yoga mat, car - wherever you wish to cleanse a space and uplift your vibratory field.

SCENT: Earthy, spicy-resinous, notes of sweet wood


FRANKINCENSE essential oil
Boswellia carteri
Long-known cross-culturally as a holy oil, used for attaining spiritual liberation. Due to its high content of monoterpene and sesquiterpene molecules, which, because of their size, can cross the blood-brain barrier, Frankincense may oxygenate the pineal gland, also referred to as the physical seat of our “third eye.”

CEDARWOOD essential oil
Cedrus atlantica
Another plant high in sesquiterpene and monoterpene molecules, Cedarwood has been used in various Native Amercian spiritual traditions for facilitating communication with spirits and for accessing wider energies from the Universe.

WHITE YARROW flower essence
Achillea millefolium (white)
This essence builds a strong auric field, reducing vulnerability to others and environments, especially for empathic individuals who easily absorb negative energies. This essence allows for compassionate sensitivity while maintaining luminous presence.

LOTUS flower essence
Nelumbo nucifera (pink)
This essence aids in the discovery of expansive spirituality, channeling diverse life experiences into deeper spiritual understandings, in service to the interconnected web of creation.

MOONSTONE gemstone essence
This essence circulates stagnant energy in the emotional body, increases intuition and receptivity, balancing and focusing psychic forces.

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I have been using After a Star Mysts for a few months now; I have them at my desk and regularly use them to help me stay grounded and focused especially being online so much! I use them after all my healing sessions as it lifts and clears my energy field which is really important. I love the unique combination of oils and crystals - the vibrational medicine is beautifully alchemised and highly potent - I highly reocmmend using it to all the women I work with (The Self Worth one is EPIC!)
— Teddi Emerald, Emotional Healer & Entrepreneur, Byron Bay Australia
I love keeping After a Star in my car for a high-vibe pick-me-up. I feel a grounding aromatherapeutic effect pretty immediately and treat myself and nervous system to a little spritz at stop lights. It’s the little things, people.
— Lucy Ross, Web Builder & Media Maker, Aspen, Colorado
After a Star Mysts are such a delightful, refreshing & uplifting part of my self-care routine. The gem and flower essences inside each magical black bottle seriously takes these Mysts to the next level. Not your average hydrosol!
— Heather Saba, Clinical Herbalist & Nutritionist, Boulder, CO
I use the Deep Roots Myst when I am beginning to float away into too many thoughts - it reminds me to breathe deeply and surrender to the present moment. I especially love spraying and saying a short prayer for whatever I am working through. It is a powerful tool and aid for reconnecting to my center and living from my heart. I am so grateful to have this Myst around me, thank you for this beautiful helper!
— Hannah Elmer, Design & Art Teacher, Boulder, CO