DEEP ROOTS MYST is a grounding, strengthening blend, formulated to nourish the heart from the roots up. This myst is the perfect match for someone feeling flighty, floaty, anxious, worried or restless, who may need to pour their excess energy back into the Mother Earth via their root chakra, receiving her calm nature in exchange. This formula is especially helpful for individuals undertaking regular spiritual work, such as healers and those working with psychotropics. 

All After a Star mysts are formulated with carefully selected essential oils, flower essences and gem essences to elevate your space with the high-vibrational elemental wisdom of our plant and gemstone allies. Spray your body, pillow, room, yoga mat, car - wherever you wish to cleanse a space and uplift your vibratory field.

SCENT: Musky, wood, sweet floral notes


ROSE hydrosol
Rosa damascena
Rose opens the heart center, encouraging the reception and creation of unconditional love. The scent is simultaneously calming and energizing to the mind, nourishing a deep sense of well-being. This flower awakens our capacity for self-love.

PALO SANTO essential oil
Bursera graveolens
Palo Santo means “holy wood” in Spanish, and is traditionally used to cleanse spaces and lift negative energies, especially during shamanic or ceremonial rituals.

MARJORAM essential oil
Origanum marjorana
Relaxing, warming and comforting in a way that evokes the divine maternal energies of the universe, such as the forces represented by Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love, and Gaia, Greek Goddess of the Earth. Marjoram promotes our ability to nurture ourselves.  

CLEMATIS flower essence
Clematis vitalba
According to Dr. Edward Bach, creator of the Bach Flower Essences, a personality in need of Clematis appears to be a "wanderer between the worlds." They may be dreamy or “far away.” This flower essence introduces stability, and brings a person back down to Earth.

BLOODSTONE gem essence
Bloodstone essence strengthens the connection to the Earth and releases emotions held in the lower chakras thus promoting healthy energetic circulation.

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