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My greatest passion and pleasure in life is to support souls on their journey to personal growth and revelation. I work worldwide as an Intuitive Life Coach, combining services in the healing arts and my channeling abilities to guide individuals into conscious alignment with their full potential: mind, body + spirit. Years of research and application of various healing modalities has resulted in a complete personal overhaul of my life experience, from constant scarcity to abundant resources, from fear to courageous trust, from confusion about how to best care for myself to identifying fundamental truths about thriving, from a body that weighed me down and held me back to one that propels me forward every day toward my dreams. I have shifted away from a reality of abuse, depression, competition and struggle, to one of freedom, joy, ease and flow. I effortlessly attract clients, projects, relationships, travel opportunities and fun experiences that help me grow and thrive in alignment with my highest calling. This has all been possible by creating the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual conditions for wellbeing. I want the same for you.

Did you know that the world “health” is actually derived from the Proto-Germanic word “hailiz” which does not mean “to heal” but rather, “whole”? I would love to propose a customized wellness program for you that addresses your entire life experience so that we can approach your ongoing freedom in life across the full spectrum of wellbeing. This includes freedom in your health, life purpose, career, relationships, finances and self-expression. And yes, my highest priority it to make it easy, affordable and fun for you.

I combine my certifications in Medical Herbalism, Nutrition and Flower Essence Therapies, with my trainings in Spirit Channeling, Archetypal Psychology, Shamanic Principles and Past Life Soul Regression to curate a program specific to your evolution. Depending on your goals, we may explore approaches that incorporate the healing powers of medicinal plants, nutritional and supplement protocols, lifestyle recommendations, energetic therapies such as Flower Essences and Gem Essences, powerful manifestation techniques, accessing Shamanic/Trance states, guided Spirit Animal journeys, as well as resources such as books, TED talks, myths & story-telling, and much more.


  • 6 x 1 hour private coaching sessions

  • Follow-up emails and support with deepening practices based on our calls

  • Unlimited 24/7 email support (checked daily)

  • Free access to my online course: 8 Steps to Recovering Vitality, Reducing Stress and Re-Building Your Body FOR LIFE

After our 20 minute discovery call, I will draft a 12-Week program outline based on your unique preferences and desires for the most powerful unfolding of your life.

At any given time, I am only privately coaching 3 individuals to ensure that you are getting my dedicated focused insights and attention, as well as daily prayers to higher powers. I ask that my clients consider this program an investment in themselves that will not only illicit immediate benefits and relief but powerful transformations that continue to evolve over the course of your lifetime. If you are interested in applying, please fill out the form below.

Thank you so much for your interest. In honor of your highest good,


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